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A Hot Teen Prescription 3 - Dominance

Ok dear, for what reason don't we begin? Come on over to the lounge chair." I instructed. 

Adrianna bobbed up off the seat, her lively bosoms shaking with the development. She advanced toward the lounge chair and came to over and down to snatch the cushion from the far end. Her skirt pulled up high and I had an ideal chance of her legs and rear, flexed and rigid, tanned and plush. Prepared and waiting. 

I have no clue about what came over me yet my desire took control. I stood up, my cockerel rock hard and pointing at her through my pants straightforwardly at the object of my warmth. I ventured forward, attempting to stop myself, however I proved unable, my little head had dominated and I was simply along for the ride. 

Wha-hello! Release me!" Adrianna said alarmed in a piercing voice, staggering on her own high heels as I arrived at one arm around her abdomen pulling her to me and my other getting her wrist. My hard on was squeezed against her butt, just my pants, her skirt and her underwear between us. My dick needed her, required her, had to know her internally. 

You sure prefer to entice men don't you?" I snorted in her ear holding her firm to me. 

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